1. What do I need to run CADtoWIN?

2. I see the CADtoWIN toolbar but I cannot see the CADtoWIN menu.

3. Can I work with external references?

4. I am getting authorization errors, cannot open a document or cannot browse.

5. How do I launch the AutoCAD drawing from the SharePoint Document Library and set its icon?

6. Can I search my AutoCAD/Revit files from SharePoint to include the custom file properties and/or metadata associated with that AutoCAD/Revit file?

7. When I click the CADtoWIN Property menu, why I do not get the drawing properties?

8. How can I synchronize my local file with the version on my SharePoint Document library? For instance, suppose I work on an AutoCAD/Revit file using my laptop outside of the office where I have no network connection. When my work is finished, I need to reflect and store that update on my SharePoint Document library.

9. What will be the best way to organize AutoCAD external references on my projects?

10. Does CADtoWIN offer version operation support?

11. If I am working with Sheet Sets, how can I use the Sheet Set Manager tool with SharePoint?

12. What is the difference between searching metadata or using IFILTERS or searching content?

13. I have multiples drawings which are part of the same project organized in one AutoCAD dwg file using multiples layouts. How can I assign a particular SharePoint metadata to each of these layouts, such that I can find them in SharePoint?

14. I get a message of the type "Action canceled" after typing the SharePoint Library web address.

1. CADtoWIN plugin can be installed on a computer with AutoCAD 2013/Revit 2013 or better. CADtoWIN is compatible with Autodesk vertical applications which use AutoCAD/Revit as base application. CADtoWIN connects to Microsoft SharePoint sites created from versions released in 2003 to 2016 and the Microsoft SharePoint Online version for cloud connectivity.


2. Starting with AutoCAD 2009, the regular menus are hidden by default, in order to see them, you need to select the "Clasic AutoCAD" workspace option.


3. Yes, CADtoWIN allows you to insert, open, modify and manage external references saved in a SharePoint document library same way you do when they are stored locally or mapped to a network share. It will be like working as usual from your AutoCAD application. You can also use CADtoWIN to automatically remap your existing external references to a SharePoint document library location to start working on your project entirely from SharePoint.


4. When open a document library using Internet Explorer, make sure it will not ask for user name and password. CADtoWIN uses your default Windows credentials to automatically access your SharePoint resources.
Watch if the Internet Explorer session asks for credentials. If so, make the necessary adjustments to avoid that prompt, by saving the password or adding the site in a trusted list. CADtoWIN uses IE credentials to browse. Check also under the IE Tools-Security Tab-Local Intranet and Trusted sites-Custom level-User Authentication-"Automatic logon with user name and password" should be selected.
Other place to check is under Control Panel - Administrative Tools, open Local Security Policy. Select under Local Policies - Security Options and look on the right for "Network access: Do not allow storage of credentials....". This should be disabled. Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect.
If you can not avoid that prompt or need to use a different credential set, go to the CADtoWIN ribbon, select Options - User Preferences tab and uncheck the "Use default windows credentials" box. This way CADtoWIN will prompt for the credentials needed and will use them as long as the AutoCAD session last.


5. To get the option “Edit in Autodesk AutoCAD” you need to do the following on your SharePoint server.

a. Open the folder \Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\XX\TEMPLATE\XML\
Replace the XX depending on your Microsoft SharePoint version in the path above.

b. Add the next line within the "ByExtension" tag of the DOCICON.XML file
Mapping Key="dwg" Value="icacad.gif" EditText="Autodesk AutoCAD" OpenControl="CADtoWIN.OpenDocuments"

c. Copy the icadcad.gif file from the CADtoWIN Installation directory to the following directory on your SharePoint server
\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\XX\TEMPLATE\IMAGES

d. Reset your Internet Information Service (IIS)

e. At the user AutoCAD workstation make sure the user is logged to Windows with local administrative rights. Right click on the AutoCAD application icon while holding the shift key, then select the option "Run as administrator". Once you verify that it is working, you can reset the user Windows registration level rights if necessary.


6. Yes. CADtoWIN offers a search engine or search interface to SharePoint, so you can look for SharePoint drawings within AutoCAD or Revit. By organizing your custom metadata fields and filling in the drawing information using CADtoWIN, you can find your drawing according to its metadata.


7. If your SharePoint document library site only has the default document properties, then you must specify at least one custom property. On your SharePoint Document library, hit the “Modify setting and columns” located on the right side of the window frame and add a column. There is no requirement to display the SharePoint properties dialog for an AutoCAD/Revit file with only regular document properties.


8. CADtoWIN offline support is available with the latest version of SharePoint server or SharePoint services.
You can check the drawing out, work on it offline, and once you are ready to show the drawing changes in your SharePoint site, all you need is to check your drawing back in.


9. Basically, there are 2 ways to store external references:

Relative: This is the preferred method, because it makes much easier the transportability of your project. This means that you can copy all of your project content from SharePoint Services to any other place without worrying about losing visibility to your external references files. This is useful if you are planning to work offline, as you can copy all the files or the folder contents that you need to your local disk.

Absolute: This will fix your external reference to one location. It will give you less flexibility than the RELATIVE method, but allows the users from multiple servers to obtain the external reference files.

To easily display or save the external references using CADtoWIN, check the appropriate box on the CADtoWIN Open/Save dialog window.


10. With CADtoWIN installed, the user can perform version operation commands, such as Open, Restore, Delete, from inside AutoCAD or Revit. There are no changes to any typical Office applications, so that you may rest assured that such commands works the same way.


11. You can access intranet SharePoint document libraries by using regular network shared paths, using exactly the same method to access any network resource.
For example, if you need to access a sheet set file located on a SharePoint Document library whose address is
"http://myserver/Shared Documents/MySheetSetFile.dst"
then simply type on your Sheet Set Manager Open dialog box:
"\\myserver\Shared Documents\MySheetSetFile.dst".
Now, your sheet sets will be open.

Note: So far this feature is only supported on SharePoint clients using Windows XP Professional or better.


12. Metadata fields are nothing more than a combination of standard and custom file properties. CADtoWIN provides an efficient way to create, access, and fill metadata, which enables the user to easily organize and search drawing files.
The user can also choose to organize his files by defining and filling the information in his drawings to specific blocks. By doing so, he will need to use IFilters, which are components that interface your CAD application with the SharePoint search engine, so it will appear that he is performing a content search. The user may need to search and purchase specific IFilters to fit his application. There are several drawbacks to using this approach as listed below:

- By using CAD files content search, the user has no automatic programmable way of enforcing the filling of data unless he was to write his own code. By using metadata, the user can mark certain fields as mandatory to fill every time he creates or adds a new file to the SharePoint document library.

- Content search was conceived for use by text file content, such as Microsoft Word files, and it is very effective with such files. However, this is not usually the case for CAD drawing files.

The user can apply familiar metadata procedures among different file types from different applications. And by doing so, the user will no longer have to search or buy specific IFilters to fit his application. On top of this, CADtoWIN allows you to assign a specific block as your titleblock such that, you can map AutoCAD titleblock attributes to your SharePoint metadata automating the loading of metadata.


13. You can achieve this by inserting each of those drawings as external references into your master dwg file. This way, you can assign a particular metadata to each of those external reference files to allow SharePoint metadata search capability.
CADtoWIN will help you with this by automatically downloading every external reference that comes from SharePoint which is attached to your master drawing file and, will enable to automatically update every change you made to those external references back to SharePoint, same way like using a regular file system.


14. Go to Internet Explorer - Tools Menu, Internet Options, Security Tab, select the "Trusted Sites" figure, hit the Sites... button and add your SharePoint web server address like http://servername
Make sure to uncheck the "Require server verification" checkbox and complete the operation. Try to open your site again.


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